'The Rock' also shared behind-the-scenes footage from recording 'You're Welcome'

You’re welcome for this new clip from Disney’s next hit.

Part of the allure of Disney Animation’s upcoming CG adventure, Moana, is not only in the game-changing heroine (a teenage girl in the South Pacific who sets off on a journey to restore her people’s ancient role as master voyagers) but in Moana’s scene-stealing companion, Maui.

Covered in telling tattoos (animated by the same artist behind Belle), Maui is a broken demi-god who fell from grace, which is surprising considering that the voice actor behind the behemoth, Dwayne Johnson, is at the top of his game. In one of the first song clips from the film, allow Johnson to show you exactly why:

When Moana first tracks and meets Maui, the two eventually strike up something of an Aladdin-Genie dynamic as they help each other on their dual quests — but not before Maui offers Moana an explanation of all that he’s done for her and her people, long before she came looking for him.

Thus, Disney and Johnson have just released the first listen of Maui’s — and, really, Johnson’s — first song from the movie, “You’re Welcome.” It’s just a tease, but trust us: The clip ends right before Maui goes full “Be Our Guest.”

Johnson also took to social media to debut the song via his first-ever Instagram Story, which you can see part of below (as well as on the Instagram app).


Moana hits theaters Nov. 23.

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