Paramount also releases new 15-second teaser ahead of the film's Nov. 23 release

By Joey Nolfi
Updated October 24, 2016 at 03:59 PM EDT
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A month out from the release of the hotly anticipated Brad Pitt/Marion Cotillard collaboration, Allied, Paramount has released a gorgeous new one-sheet (and television spot) for the upcoming romantic mystery.

The film’s new poster highlights an intimate moment between the film’s stars, framed against a black background as they face each other just before a kiss. The image also shows off Joanna Johnston’s elaborate costume design, which features 1940s-inspired gowns the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis, told EW “evoke the romantic feel of the era.”

The upcoming WWII-era thriller follows a steamy romance that blossoms between a Canadian intelligence officer, Max (Pitt), and a French Resistance fighter, Marianne (Cotillard), as they both embark on a dangerous mission to North Africa.

Following the operation, the pair marries in London. Marianne later becomes pregnant, and, as the war rages and tensions flair, Max’s military superiors come to suspect that his wife is actually an undercover Nazi spy. They instruct him to kill her, though Max initially refuses. Paranoia sets in, however, as Max begins to question where Marianne’s true loyalties reside.

Academy Award-nominated writer Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things) penned Allied‘s screenplay. In addition to Cotillard and Pitt, the film’s supporting cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Jared Harris, and Matthew Goode.

Allied will be released to theaters nationwide on Nov. 23. Watch the film’s new spot above, and see the new poster below.


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  • R
  • 124 minutes
  • Robert Zemeckis