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Director Mike Mendez’s horror credits include 2013’s Big Ass Spider! (which makes a cameo appearance on the just-released third season of Black Mirror), last year’s Tales of Halloween, and the upcoming horror-comedy Don’t Kill It. “The story is about a remote Mississippi town that is invaded by a body-hopping demon,” says Mendez of the film, which costars Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween). “It jumps into the body of the last person who killed it, and it is making its way through this town, decimating the inhabitants. Our demon-hunter, who is a kind of a rogue exorcist played by Dolph Lundgren, comes to town, and he is the only one who can stop it, because he’s got a history with this demon. And many people die!”

As you can see, Mendez is well-qualified to recommend horror movies, and he has two choices for the perfect Halloween films, both of them Oct. 31-set anthologies — and only one of which he co-directed.

“Well, I’m a little biased on this one, but of course I recommend getting the four-disc Blu-ray release of Tales of Halloween, that is now available through the Tales of Halloween store,” he says. “Other than that, I would recommend Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat. I think that is the ultimate Halloween film, because it really covers not only the holiday, but there’s so many different kinds of genres in there — werewolf films and evil kids. It’s a throwback to Creepshow. There’s so much good stuff. It’s a seasonal classic!”

See the trailer for Trick ‘r Treat — which stars Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, and the mighty Brian Cox — below.

Trick 'r Treat
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