Plus: Everything you missed from the pop star's only 2016 concert in Austin

Credit: Rick Kern/LP5/Getty Images

Taylor Swift gave fans exactly what they came for Saturday night.

At her one and only 2016 concert, the singer surprised a massive Texas crowd by performing ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ song “This Is What You Came For.” Sitting at a glimmering piano, she played a title that she initially anonymously co-wrote, then claimed credit for after the couple’s breakup.

“I’ve never played this song live before,” she said. “But if you know it, maybe you could sing along, and then I could get to know what that feels like to hear it sung back to me.”

There was some worries among fans before the show because Swift recently got a cold, as attested here:

If she hadn’t told fans she was sick, probably none would have noticed given it didn’t seem to impact her performance at all. Swift noted during one “tissue break” that, “Of course you play one show in one year and you get a cold one time and it’s before that one show — that’s the way life works.”

Swift did not mention Harris directly, or her other post-1989 ex, Tom Hiddleston — or another man some have urged the singer to speak out about, Donald Trump. Before the show started, fans in the crowd and their homemade signs were displayed on the huge stage screens. The sign that received the biggest reaction was a mock-ballot that listed “Trump, Clinton, Swift” with Swift’s name checked.

Swift kicked off the show by making a grand entrance emerging from the stage for “New Romantics” …

… and then closed with “Shake It Off” — plus fireworks!