Iceman and Maverick may have a chance to argue over who is the real wingman in a Top Gun sequel.

With the film celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Tom Cruise addressed the possibility of another visit to the “Danger Zone” on The Graham Norton Show this week.

“Is it true there’s gonna be a Top Gun 2?” asked Norton. Cruise played it cool and gave a simple “no” in response. The host pushed further, providing a tweet from Jerry Bruckheimer, which teases the idea of a sequel. “Yes, we’re discussing it,” said Cruise, still keeping it under wraps if the movie will happen or not. “We’re trying to figure it out.” Apart from the rumors, Cruise has been discussing his experience making the original film while on the talk show circuit promoting Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

While stars Cruise and Val Kilmer gained notoriety for the 1986 hit where they piloted the United States Navy’s elite fighter planes, Cruise wasn’t feeling the need for speed when it came to flight training. “When you first start flying you get sick,” said Cruise. “Like, fill a bag sick.” The star shared he made a deal with the studio during filming where he was allowed to fly in an F-14 live, which required the actor go through every mode of training. “The first pilot I flew with, his names was Bozo,” said Cruise. The pair performed several heavy maneuvers on the first day, “pulling 9.5 Gs” at one point. With the extreme tactics, combined with Cruise’s lack of G-force experience, the actor experienced blackouts and stomach issues. “When I came to I had my barf bag right here by my leg,” said Cruise. “So I lean down like this, and he at that point decided to pull up and he pulled up for so long and so hard.” After rightfully chastising his trainer, he replied to Cruise, “They don’t call me Bozo for nothing.”

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