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With rumors in the air of Donald Trump returning to television with his own network post-election, Late Show host Stephen Colbert offered some ideas for new original programming during Friday’s episode.

Some of his spitball ideas include Bad Hombres, an hourlong Breaking Bad-style crime drama; Bridge & Tunnel, a half-hour sitcom spoofing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s infamous Fort Lee lane closure scandal costarring for New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani; and a children’s show poking fun at the hunting hobby of Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr.

Earlier this week, reports suggested Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was in discussions with an investment firm to development a Trump TV network — we all know what the Republican nominee thinks about the media. While those talks were said to have dissipated, Colbert pointed out that Trump’s campaign put up its own livestream of the third presidential debate and used the hashtag #TrumpTV.

“It’s vital, because until now the only place you could see 24 hours of Donald Trump was CNN,” Colbert joked. “This is exciting,” he added, “a brand new Trump business venture. Although, this was 48 hours ago so it might’ve gone bankrupt already.”

Watch the segment above.

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