But he's not about to comment on Donald Trump's skills

By Rachel DeSantis
Updated October 21, 2016 at 03:18 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

If anyone can judge America’s presidents on their golf skills, it’s Tiger Woods. The legendary golfer stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night to tout the 20th anniversary of the Tiger Woods Foundation, and while he was there, he revealed the playing styles of presidents.

As Colbert listed presidents, Woods chimed in with his impression of their game. First up was George H. W. Bush, whom Woods said plays “fast,” adding, “He’s very good.” (He couldn’t compare the senior Bush president’s game to his son’s, though — Woods said he’s never played with George W. Bush).

Next up was Bill Clinton. “Lots of cuts,” Woods said. Colbert pushed for more, asking, “Lots of cuts at the ball, or cutting corners?” Wood just laughed and declined to comment further.

As for the current commander in chief, Woods described Barack Obama’s playing style as “extremely competitive,” adding, “He hits it straight” and “longish.”


Woods also recalled a charming story involving the late great Arnold Palmer, wherein Woods was deemed ineligible to play golf in a tournament until he paid Palmer back for a $25 steak, per official rules.

Watch the full clip below. The president portion of the chat starts after the four-minute mark.


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