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By Nichole Bloom
October 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of NBC’s megastore-comedy, Superstore, are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, actress Nichole Bloom, who plays Cheyenne, clues us in on what really went down in the fifth episode of season 2, “Dog Adoption Day.”

The week spent working on “Dog Adoption Day,” written by the very chill Josh Malmuth, was my favorite week of the season thus far. We were graced by the presence of Bo, played by Johnny Pemberton, and if that wasn’t enough to put a smile on everyone’s face, we had real live dogs on set! Prior to this episode, I had gotten in trouble at work for taking a cat actor (a cat that acts in tv/film) out of its cage to cuddle with in privacy. I thought I was doing the cat a favor, but I learned my lesson — always ask the animal trainers first if you can cuddle with the animals.

By the time the dogs arrived on set for this episode, I had emotionally prepped myself — just like in high school, when I Myspace-stalked my crush all weekend to get ready for Monday morning — to keep my cool in front of the object(s) of my affection.

Thankfully, the dog trainers were cool and didn’t make me feel like a desperate animal freak. I was free to cuddle without shame!

Nichole Bloom

Above is a drawing I made of the scene where Johnny’s character introduces me to our newly adopted dogs. Johnny came up with the amazing names you see there. (Side note: The dogs are rainbow colors because I couldn’t find my good markers and had to borrow highlighters from my parents when I did this. But don’t worry, I picked colors to go with each dog’s vibe.) Here’s a basic run down of their personalities:

Richard: Notice that Richard is the only dog without his tongue sticking out. I don’t know why, but I felt kinda bad for Richard… everyone on set really liked him, but I thought he was boring and not that cute, if I’m being totally honest. Maybe I just needed to spend more time with him to appreciate him. Maybe he’s the kind of dog you keep seeing and hanging out with, and then two months in, you realize you’re actually in love with him because he slowly won you over. 

Calculator: That’s an appropriate name for this dog — he was really fast and quick. He’s a Pomeranian, and I’m guessing that’s a “smart” breed. But also, this dog was kind of a narcissist, and reminded me of the sort of LA person who is a master at social climbing and has a totally rehearsed smile and greeting for everyone they encounter.

Houseboat: By far, this everyone’s favorite dog on set. Houseboat is like the pretty, popular girl in high school who is also super nice and friendly to everyone, and emotionally well adjusted. Every dog wanted to be this dog, and I wanted to be her best friend.

Weed: He was like the younger, stoner version of Richard. Weed and Richard are a similar breed and share a temperament, but Weed is smaller in size. The Spicoli of dogs, he had a low key vibe and he wasn’t trying to be anyone he’s not. He did smell though, and I think that’s where Johnny got his name from.

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.


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