Ike Barinholtz, writer and star of the Hulu show, reveals his dream casting to EW's What to Watch podcast

By EW Staff
March 14, 2017 at 09:09 AM EDT
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Sometimes, the most interesting aspect of a show is the stuff that doesn’t make it into an episode. As both a star, writer, and sometimes-director for Hulu’s The Mindy Project (new episodes streaming every Tuesday), Ike Barinholtz is privy to such secrets. So when he stopped by to chat with EW’s What to Watch podcast this week, we just had to cross-examine him.

The verdict? Barinholtz, who plays nutty, yet lovable nurse Morgan Tookers on the show, delivers with one very special dream casting. “I’m kind of hackey, and I was very adamant that we do an episode where Morgan gets into a big fight with his grandmother played by Judge Judy [Sheindlin]. She kicks him out and he has nowhere to go so he has to stay at Mindy’s for a while,” Barinholtz explained. “And we kind of broke it, we talked about it. We never got Judge Judy because she makes $47 million a year and the thought of flying to California to act with me is [probably] disgusting to her.”

But, unfortunately, the season didn’t allow for such disorder in the court. “As more important stuff developed, as stuff was developing with Danny and Mindy, you do have to make room for it. So it’s always those things that are super fun and really stupid that make it to the cutting room floor. But we try to keep a balance of keeping a lot of the really stupid stuff in the show too.”

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