October 21, 2016 at 03:20 PM EDT

Little Monsters, listen up: If you’ve recently admired Lady Gaga’s newest album cover for Joanne and wished you could get your hands on a pink hat just like hers, it’s time to log on to Twitter. On Friday, Gaga announced she was releasing a custom sticker pack that fans on Twitter can use to recreate her Joanne album cover.

Gaga designed the stickers herself, and they feature everything fans need to complete the Joanne look — the blue album overlay, a big pink hat, glasses, a crop top, a microphone, and a guitar.

Gaga even took to Good Morning America to show off the new stickers, which she tweeted in a picture with Michael Strahan.

The reveal is part of Gaga’s build-up to her album launch, and follows her custom Twitter emoji and the 3D photos she released from her string of dive bar gigs.

Joanne was released Friday, Oct. 21. You can hear the single “A-Yo” here.

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