By Clark Collis
October 21, 2016 at 09:16 PM EDT
Montrose Pictures

In 2012, British journalist Anthony Baxter released the documentary You’ve Been Trumped, about Donald Trump’s attempt to build a golf complex on the dunes of Scotland’s Menie Estate, a beautiful wilderness area and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

“I live very close to where Donald Trump announced he was going to build the golf course,” Baxter told EW. “When the story first broke in the local newspapers, everybody was saying this is going to be a great thing. It’s Donald Trump, he’s bringing all these jobs, and it’s going to be an amazing thing for the area. This story was very important for two reasons: One, the environment; and the other, the residents, who were being parodied in the media. The local newspapers would just report this spat between (local resident) Michael Forbes and Donald Trump and they would never go into further depth about these people, who were real people, obviously. They just happened to care very passionately about this stretch of land because that’s where their homes were. When I saw Donald Trump calling Michael Forbes a pig and his farm a slum, I just thought, ‘I’d like to go and meet this man.’ And so I did. I went up and spoke to Michael and the other residents. But I felt it wasn’t just a local story. I felt it was an internationally important story because this kind of thing is happening all over the world, where local people feel powerless and they are not given a voice because the newspapers are not giving them a say. I really felt passionately that this story had to be documented.”

Now, four years on, Trump is running to become the American president and Baxter has made a follow-up film, You’ve Been Trumped, Too, which details the impact the Trump International Golf Links has had on local citizens. 

You’ve Been Trumped, Too will be released at New York’s AMC 34th Street on Oct. 28, with additional theaters to follow.

You can see the teaser trailer for You’ve Been Trumped, Too, below.