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Ah, the infamous showmance. Though past Big Brother showmances, like Jeff and Jordan and Corey and Nicole, have done a pretty good job of staying in the competition (sometimes even long enough to nab the top prize), things didn’t end quite so well for this season’s star-crossed lovers, Shane and Danielle.

Shane Chapman, a 24-year-old roofer from North Carolina, was the third houseguest evicted this fall after sitting pretty on the block next to his Late-Night Jamboree ally Neeley Jackson, and his maybe soon-to-be girlfriend Danielle Lickey.

It was his former ally Scott that put the final nail in the coffin for Shane. After forming an all-guys alliance on night one with Shane, Scott Dennis, Monte Massongill, and Cornbread, Scott was left the lone man standing when, as HOH, he broke a 4-4 tie between Shane and Danielle and sent Shane packing.

Here, he tells EW what he would have done differently, why he thinks Alex Willett is the biggest threat in the house, and what the future holds for him and Danielle.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So let’s get right to it — what went wrong for you?

SHANE CHAPMAN: [The all-guys alliance on day one] was a good group of people. But as the days go on, you start to see each person’s character for who they are, and I think I just made a mistake. And then when I met Danielle, I went on to the Late-Night Jamboree, and ultimately, it hurt Scott, who took it as I betrayed our little alliance with everyone. Because, you know, week one you see Cornbread leave, week two you see Monte leave, and on the night of the eviction I basically told Scott I’m taking Monte out, so that’s what kind of went wrong. I just didn’t want to be in that group.

So if you could do it all over again, you wouldn’t team up with those guys?

I would still go with Monte.

When you were entering the Big Brother house, you said a showmance was part of your strategy. But in the end, it seemed that that’s what led to your downfall. Would you change the way you went about the showmance at all?


So meeting Danielle was worth the early eviction?


You were pretty vocal about wanting Scott and Alex out, which you told Julie probably contributed to them wanting to evict you over Danielle. Do you regret that at all or are you glad you stuck to your guns?

I don’t regret it at all. At the end of the day, Scott is not a big player. I was trying to mostly target Alex, because she’s a big threat in that house. She’s an amazing player, and I made that very vocal throughout my days in that house, which could probably have lead to my downfall. You don’t want to reckon with [Alex] unless you’re going to take her out or backdoor her. She’s a beast.

So if you’d stayed in the game, getting Alex out would’ve been your next move?

Yeah. I had a conversation with Danielle and Kryssie and I was like, “You guys need to get Alex out, then after that, get Justin out.”

But isn’t Justin part of the Late-Night Jamboree?


So was the Big Brother experience what you expected?

The Big Brother experience was extremely harder than I thought. Being in that house one day is like a week. Time goes by really slowly, and you get to know people very closely. I never thought I was going to be very emotional because I’m not an emotional guy. I’ve had the best experience. I’m going to have life-long friends, and I met Danielle. I honestly did not mean that to happen, like you said. It was probably my downfall in this game, but it was well worth it, no matter what. You can’t put a price tag on her. And ultimately, I would totally do it again. But no one can ever judge me on how I play the game unless they were in the Big Brother house. It’s so much easier watching it than actually being in that house. It’s hard to explain. You’re always thinking, you never stop thinking. You can go play pool, you can play chess, but all you’re doing is thinking, what’s going to happen? What’s our strategy?

I can assume that makes you kind of paranoid. Did that contribute to the harsh words you had in your exit speech? Has having time outside the house to cool down made you change how you feel about those comments?

When I’m in the house, I’m very emotional, I’m stressed, I’m pissed, I don’t want to leave, I’m still there for the $250,000. I was very hot-headed and seeing red, you know? And that’s from being in that house… you’re playing the game, that was me. And being outside and having a rest, no, I do not regret it because that’s how I felt. Now at the finale, are you going to see me hugging everyone? Of course, because I’ve made my peace. Honestly, that night I knew I was leaving no matter what. So that’s why I gave that speech, because I didn’t want to regret later on being like, “Why did I not tell them the truth how I felt?” I knew it was going to come down to a tiebreaker, and I knew Scott was going to put it on me, and I did not want to give Scott the credit. Scott is not a good player. I would’ve rather gotten kicked out by Alex, or Jason, or someone in my crew.

What do you think your future with Danielle looks like?

Whenever she leaves, I’m going to be on the flight the next week when she’s ready. And I think there’s going to be a future, I think she’s going to come to North Carolina. Everything was perfect. No one knew when they casted her that she’s wanted to move to North Carolina for the past two years. And so when I heard that, I was like, “Oh my god, this is crazy to me.”

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