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Each week, following her live Q&A with the houseguests and with the evicted guest, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions just for EW about the latest events in the house. Here, she talks about week 3, including how the houseguests should be approaching America’s nominees.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Showmances — good idea or bad idea?

JULIE CHEN: Showmances are a good idea if you are likable. But then again, do people really know when they’re not? Not really. But yes, I think a showmance is a good idea if you truly feel yourself falling in love with a person. Finding a life partner is not easy and if you think you have found yours in the BB house, then go for it! We have had success with Danielle and Dominic, Jeff and Jordan (new proud parents), and Rachel and Brendan (also proud parents). The experience of BB bonds you like no other experience. People who are archenemies end up becoming friends on the outside (Rachel and Reagan became friends after they were out of the house).

Things got pretty nasty in the house for a while between the two sides. Were you surprised to hear that Shane still wants to be friends with Monte outside the BB house?

I wasn’t surprised to hear Shane wants to be friends with Monte outside of the house because I think Shane is a little naive about how he is perceived by others. I really don’t think he sees his lying to and betrayal to Monte as him doing anything dirty. As for Monte, he doesn’t seem the type to hold grudges and he probably would be happy to be Shane’s friend outside the house.

How do you think Shane being out of the house will impact Danielle’s gameplay?


Jason is a huge fan favorite — and the houseguests know that. Are you surprised that past week 1 he hasn’t been on anyone’s radar for eviction?

I am not surprised Jason is still in the house. He’s hard not to like and has done well blending in with the others and bonding with his fellow Late Night Jamboree members. I think his alliance members really like him, and as for the other side of the house, they have bigger fish to fry and are making moves that feel a bit more personality based. If they don’t like you as a person, they are going after you. But what these players should be doing is keeping all of America’s nominees in the house every week… if America doesn’t like a person, they won’t vote for that person to win. They kept Danielle in this week but not because they are thinking along these lines. They voted out Shane because they don’t like what he did to Monte and they don’t like him as a person. People are taking things very, very personally.

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