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October 20, 2016 at 04:58 PM EDT
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CeCe Taylor never really got her footing on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Constantly on the outs with her tribe, CeCe always seemed in danger of being voted out. And then she was. The 39-year-old insurance adjuster was blindsided this week out of the game after Chris and David defected — even though they had the majority numbers on their new tribe — and she was unanimously voted out by Gen Xers and Millennials alike.

Why did it happen? Did she think she would have stayed had she sided with Michelle? And what did Chris have against her anyway? We asked CeCe all that and more when she called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) this morning, and now you can hear the entire thing as part of the EW Morning Live podcast. A few highlights from our chat:

On why she thinks David went along with the plan to vote her out:

“I think Dave is definitely playing with the numbers. He knows right now that he’s the weak link. He doesn’t want to upset Chris, and I know that’s what it came down to. I know Chris got in his ear. Chris basically threatened him, like, ‘Hey, you have to show me loyalty so you need to vote with me.’ So I think basically Chris got in David’s ear and David didn’t want to upset Chris because we needed Chris at that time.”

On if she campaigned to stay:

“A lot of it went on. The cameras and the editing, they cut out so much. Obviously I was really scared because every time we go to Tribal Council my name was on a list, so I definitely was campaigning a little bit, but the way Chris approached me, he was like ‘Hey, don’t worry about it’ before I even had a chance to campaign a lot.… And we had that whole conversation before we went into the challenge as well: ‘Hey, we have the numbers. We’re gonna be Gen X, Gen X, Gen X. We don’t want to dwindle our numbers.’ So I was kinda put a little bit at ease. And I feel like everybody lost the challenge. The only people who really pulled their weight 100 percent was Zeke and Chris, but Chris had a few problems with the hoop. But Michelle had problems going down to get the buoy, David stumbled swimming too, so I didn’t feel I was the weakest one in the challenge at the time, so I wasn’t as stressed as I normally am every single Tribal Council.”

On if she thinks she would have stayed had she agreed with Michelle to vote out David:

“After watching, now I know I was the target all along. It didn’t even matter. But Michelle, she did have some reservations, and I thought about maybe if I would have have voted with her to vote off David that maybe it could have worked, but again, I don’t know if she would have puled Zeke in. Because Zeke was at the bottom of his alliance on his tribe before the swap and Michelle was closer to the top. So honestly, I don’t think Zeke would have gone with Michelle because Zeke was in Chris’ pocket. Zeke. Zeke was Team Chris all day, and it was so clear. The moment that we swapped, he was all in Chris’ behind. So even if I had agreed with Michelle I don’t think she would have been able to sway Zeke to vote off David.”

On if she ever had a strong ally in the game:

“I really didn’t have a ride or die partner. I had someone who I could confide in and that was definitely Ken and Dave, but I wouldn’t say they were my ride or die partners, because it was always that they came to me after, after, after. ‘Hey, we’re going to do this.’ So it was always after they came to a decision and they would come to me and say, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ So I would not say that was a partnership. A partnership is when you are agreeing on a plan together. I just couldn’t get my footing in to get a really solid partner. I thought it was going to be Rachel in the beginning but you saw how that blew over. That didn’t work out at all.”

On why she was not happy to be tribe-swapped with Chris:

“I definitely did not want to be with Chris. Even though I was smiling during the swap, Chris was gunning for me from day 1. He always had something negative to say about me. He was always gunning for me. He had negative stuff to say about me even when it wasn’t even my fault. Even yesterday he said that I backstabbed him. I didn’t backstab him. I was never in your alliance so how am I backstabbing you if I’m not in your alliance?”

You can hear the entire CeCe interview — including her refuting Paul’s claims that they lost the balance beam challenge because of her ego — along with our personal picks for the five best new shows of the fall. Just click on the EW Morning Live podcast below to listen, or subscribe for free and take it on the go with you right here. And for more EW Morning Live podcast updates, follow @EWMLPodcast.

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