Perhaps ironically for a film series about the folly of trying to outwit the past and future, the Back to the Future movies have stood the test of time.

The latest episode of EW Reunites sees the stars back together in 2010 for the 25th anniversary of the movie, and stars Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson discussed the nature of BTTF‘s enduring appeal and compared it to another fanciful adventure tale.

“In its own way, in maybe a small way, it’s become like The Wizard of Oz or something,” Fox said. “It’s something that kids love and don’t think about when it was made. They don’t think of it as an old movie.”

“Even though we kind of got the future a little bit wrong,” Thompson chimed in, referring to the not-entirely-accurate predictions of Back to the Future Part II.

“We thought about faxes,” Fox said. “We didn’t think of the internet.”

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