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Remember when Seth Meyers shared what it was like to watch Game of Thrones with Leslie Jones? Well, John Cleese’s recap of six seasons of The Walking Dead is a little bit like that, only more British.

Throughout the four-minute video, the Monty Python co-founder comes up with four important rules for watching The Walking Dead, like, “Lesson 3: Never look at the flowers.”

Cleese’s descriptions of the characters are the true gems here. “We start with Rick, who’s essentially Clint Eastwood but a bit more… sensitive,” he begins. Later, he introduces Michonne: “We also say hello to Slicey Magee here, who’s like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, but with an unsettling fondness for exotic pets.” As for The Governor, “He’s got the bad-guy triple threat: eye patch, jazzy nickname, fish tank full of heads.” You get the idea.

Watch the full video above, and be sure to keep up with all of our Walking Dead news by following our resident TWD guru, @DaltonRoss, on Twitter.

The Walking Dead season 7 kicks off Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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