October 19, 2016 at 11:49 PM EDT

Donald Trump supporter Marco Gutierrez warned during an MSNBC interview that a vote for Hillary Clinton would equal a “taco truck on every corner.” And now we have a glimpse, albeit a satirical one, into what that might look like. 

Broadway star Leslie Kritzer wrote and stars in the music video “Taco Truck Invasion,” imagining a world in which taco trucks do inhabit every street corner after Clinton’s induction into the White House.

Kritzer battles the derogatory statement made by Gutierrez, who also founded Latinos for Trump, with humor by embodying her alter-ego Riff-Tina, dancing through the streets with a taco truck by her side. “If we pick her / something good is on the menu tonight,” sang the actress. At one point, Riff-Tina and her squad run into a group of Trump supporters who complain the tacos “smell” and want them “off their corner.” The comedian quickly flips the script, giving each naysayer a bite and turning them into taco lovers.

“Tacos in the USA / Every corner, every day,” blasts on repeat as a massive dance — and taco-eating — party breaks out featuring, naturally, a photoshopped Clinton dancing in the background. Watch the full video above.

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