The song is off the band's excellent 2015 collection, 'Front Row Seat'

Texas country traditionalists Josh Abbott Band released their ambitious, emotional fourth LP, Front Row Seat, last November. Presented in five acts and largely inspired by the dissolution of the frontman’s marriage, the collection flowed from first date jitters to falling in love to marriage to a union in disarray. It ended, painfully, in estrangement.

The album’s latest single, “Amnesia,” details this final chapter in harrowing and heartbreaking detail and now gets an equally emotional video to match. EW is thrilled to premiere the tune’s accompanying clip below.

Directed by Evan Kaufman, the camera follows a man who has recently lost his wife. Rattled with the pain of her memory, he’s doing anything — like visiting various doctors who promise to wipe his memory — just to get a moment of peace. “I didn’t want the video to be predictable,” Abbott said via e-mail of the concept. “In other words, I didn’t want it to be about divorce or breaking up. I wanted those words to be felt dramatically, in a situation that was even more hopeless.”

When EW spoke to the Abbott last year, he said fans’ reactions to the song had been immediate. “You should see the tweets I get every day about ‘Amnesia,'” he said, “about people relating to that and wanting to forget an ex.”

“Amnesia” is streaming below. The band is currently on tour. A full list of dates is available on their website.