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Billy Bob Thornton’s latest series Goliath incorporates all of the classic serial drama traits, from a maniacal villain to a hero down in the dumps. But according to hosts of Bingeworthy, there can be too much of a good thing.

On the latest episode of the new series from the People/Entertainment Weekly Network, hosts Jessica Shaw (EW Radio on SiriusXM) and Touré (MSNBC’s The Cycle) share their thoughts on the latest series from David E. Kelley. While both agree the Amazon series offers the same retread of most dramatic plots, they were divided on its enjoyment level.

“I like Billy Bob Thornton. I like Maria Bello,” says Touré on the series’ star-studded cast. “I just didn’t care about any of these people or what they were doing.” Despite Shaw agreeing wholeheartedly, with even her brain telling her to run away from the show, “I couldn’t stop watching,” she says.

Following Thornton as a disgraced lawyer seeking revenge against the firm that disowned him, the plot moves from boardroom to bar, with the characters falling into several TV clichés. “He’s a brilliant lawyer even though he’s eating pizza at a bar and just, like, drinking beer all day,” said Shaw. Pulling in the series villain, played by William Hurt, she relays he comes off as a caricature to the point where “you half expect him to be holding a pitchfork.”

Despite a number of tropes at play, Shaw still backs the show. “This is not good TV! And yet I loved it,” she said.

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