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Each week, following her live Q&A with the houseguests and with the evicted guest, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions just for EW about the latest events in the house. Here, she talks about week 2, including where she thinks things fell apart for Monte and how America is influencing the game.

He went from being HOH one week to evicted the next — what do you think was Monte’s downfall in the house?

I think Monte’s downfall in the game was the comment/joke he made about Justin’s clothes being stolen and then Danielle telling Justin about it. Justin’s confrontation with Monte about it and then Neely asking Monte point blank in front of the others if he is racist was the end of the road for Monte. I don’t think Monte sees himself as a racist at all, but even a slight comment that can be construed that way is the end of a person’s game. This incident showed there is zero tolerance for any hint of it and was probably a valuable lesson for all people watching.

Two weeks in a row now America’s nominee has ultimately gone home. Is this something you anticipated when you introduced the option to give America a say?


So far both Cornbread and Monte were shocked to learn about Alex and Morgan. How long do you think the sisters can keep their secret?

I think Jason may figure out that the sisters are sisters. He’s already touched on it. Plus, in a game where there’s a healthy dose of paranoia, people start seeing things that aren’t even there. That being said, I hope they do pull it off.

For more Big Brother: Over the Top, read our recap of week 2 and see what Monte had to say about his eviction. And be sure to watch Wednesday night’s third episode at 10 p.m. ET followed by the live eviction.

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