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Great Scott! Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd is heading back to the world of time travel, landing a guest-starring role on the upcoming third season of 12 Monkeys, EW has learned.

Lloyd will play Zalmon Shaw, a charming but deadly cult leader who preys upon others’ tragedies and losses in order to recruit new members into the apocalyptic cult the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Shaw is the father of the series’ most imposing villain, the enigmatic Pallid Man.

According to Syfy, the third season finds James Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) embarking on a desperate search across time to find the man responsible for the apocalypse, a time traveler who calls himself the Witness. Killing the Witness will mean saving the world, but the journey will come at tremendous personal stakes for both Cole and Railly and will call into question new alliances, old bonds, and the virtue of the mission itself.

Additionally, co-creator and showrunner Terry Matalas will make his directorial debut in the season 3 premiere episode, which kicked off production in Toronto this week.

12 Monkeys is expected to return in 2017.

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