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October 18, 2016 at 02:08 PM EDT

Donald Trump has spent the better part of the last week claiming the election is “rigged” against him as Trump continues to trail behind opponent Hillary Clinton in the race of the White House. Trump’s claims — which he has repeated on social media — has left many commentators concerned about a possible legitimacy crisis, but as Trevor Noah smartly observed on Monday night, it likely comes from Trump’s background in reality TV: The Apprentice, beauty pageants, pro wrestling. 

“If you understand reality TV, you understand why Trump’s world is falling apart,” Noah said. “Think of it: In his mind, he should be winning. He knows he’s the ultimate contestant, and if he isn’t winning, then the contest must be rigged, because that’s how reality TV works. And Trump knows this, because he’s the one who did the rigging. When Trump made The Apprentice, he just fired whoever he felt like, and his editors would have to go back and re-edit the show just to make it look like his judgment had some basis in reality. Which, by the way, is what we’ll have to do after he’s president, you realize that. Trump will just randomly bomb Italy and we’ll all have to be like, ‘Well, I think it’s because you guys put clams in the pasta? Let’s go with that.'”

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Watch the clip below.

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