October 18, 2016 at 03:18 PM EDT

This heated election season has been the subject of countless angry internet comments — and now Samantha Bee is making a game of it.

On Monday night’s Full Frontal, members of the Republican Women for Hillary organization sat down for a much-needed glass of wine to read through internet comments aimed at their group and decide if they were real or fake.

Jennifer Pierotti Lim, the founder of Republican Women for Hillary, and Meghan Milloy, the organization’s chair, popped a bottle of rosé and took on their e-haters. The first tweet they read? “You’re braindead — vote for Benghazi Clinton,” which they correctly guessed as a real comment.

They guessed the next one, a Facebook comment, correctly, too. It read, “This is some sick s—… Traitors… dam [sic], why can’t you just change parties?” Lim clapped back, saying, “I need to make America learn to spell again.”

As the wine continued to flow, the two tripped up for the first time, incorrectly thinking that “You say you’re a Republican, but you’re a Republic—” was a real comment.

To hear all the comments, real and fake, watch the clip below.

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