October 18, 2016 at 11:25 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are currently locked in their race for the presidency, but no matter who wins, it’ll mean the end of President Barack Obama’s stay in the White House. On Monday night, the sitting president stopped by The Late Show to seek Stephen Colbert’s help preparing for his next job. Dressed as “Randy,” a generic-looking office manager, Colbert gave Obama a practice job interview where they went over key parts of his resume. For instance, Randy wanted to know why Obama didn’t earn a promotion in the last eight years.

“There wasn’t a lot of room for advancement in my last job,” Obama said. “The only one with a more powerful position was my wife.”

Randy later asked Obama about where he was born, but, uh, Obama’s a little sick of talking about that. One thing he’s not sick of discussing, however, is the current presidential election, which he made time to promote, especially for millennials.

“I’d tell them, straight-up, that this is the most important election of their lifetimes,” Obama said. “That they have the opportunity to make history. The results in November could change their lives forever, so they have to get out there and vote.”

Watch the clip below.

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