October 18, 2016 at 03:22 PM EDT

Director Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) examines the rise and fall of Liam and Noel Gallagher and their band Oasis in the new documentary Oasis: Supersonic, which looks back on the storied career of the band and their eventual split.

Before the film’s release, EW is excited to debut an exclusive clip from the film, which shows Oasis singing one of their most beloved tracks “Champagne Supernova” at a Knebworth Park concert in August 1996.

“Twenty years ago, in August 1996, Oasis stepped out on stage at Knebworth Park, playing to the largest crowd of fans ever assembled in the UK. A quarter of a million people gathered to hear them perform,” Whitecross says of the clip. “Unbelievably, it was less than two and a half years since they’d released their first single, ‘Supersonic.’ It was the culmination of everything they’d grafted so hard for. But in some ways, it proved their peak: what do you do when you’ve done everything? After that weekend, Noel said, ‘We became just another band…It felt like the end of something as opposed to the beginning of something…'”

The director says “that bittersweet quality” made him decide to use clips from that show, shot by Dick Carruthers and his team using Super 8.

“We tried a few songs out for our final sequence at Knebworth, but the only one that seemed to fit was ‘Champagne Supernova,'” Whitecross says. “It has exactly the right sense of epic nostalgia we needed to the end the film. There’s a sequence earlier in the documentary filmed by Creation Records’ Tim Abbot, where Liam records the song at Rockfield Studios – so we’re able chart the origins and evolution of the song. There’s something raw and intimate about Liam’s performance at Rockfield – and it finally pays off with him singing the same song to the huge crowds at Knebworth.”

Watch the clip above and see Oasis: Supersonic in theaters for one night on Oct. 26.

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