'The mistake-making, in a weird way, is the fun part,' he says

Good Clean Fun

Nick Offerman’s third book, Good Clean Fun, is all about his love for woodworking, and EW has an exclusive excerpt of Offerman reading from the audiobook.

The actor runs the Offerman Woodshop in East Los Angeles, and in this book, he shares wisdom, stories, and how-tos about the craft. In this excerpt, Offerman shares that he learned how to make things with his hands from growing up in rural Illinois, where he and his friends would amuse themselves by crafting slingshots and tree forts. He also confesses that he still makes mistakes as a woodworker, and you will too. “The mistake-making, in a weird way, is the fun part,” he explains. “Pretty much all the wood workers I know, when talking about this addicting craft, aver their affection for problem-solving.”

Nick Offerman and friend Jeff Tweedy of Wilco wrote and performed five exclusive original songs on the audiobook, which comes out Oct. 18, along with the hardcover and ebook.

Good Clean Fun
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