By Will Robinson
October 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Laura Benanti has dug up her humorous Melania Trump impression for Round Two on The Late Show. The Broadway star sat down for an “exclusive interview” as Mrs. Trump with Stephen Colbert, a day after the real wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave a pair of interviews to CNN and Fox News. While she appeared solo on-camera for the interview, it probably wasn’t just her on The Late Show.

“And I want you to know we are completely alone,” she says while side-eyeing someone clearly off camera. “There is no one else in the room coaching me.”

From there, Benanti plays the puppet for the mysterious, unknown media handler. When Colbert asks Benanti if she’s forgiven Trump — who was caught on tape making vulgar remarks about women and sexually aggressive acts — a reluctant yes pours out, followed by a disgusted shake of the head. “Yes, yes, apparently, because he explained it was locker room talk,” she hesitates. “I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billy Bush.”

Benanti’s Melania doubles down on the notion, even claiming to completely forget the remarks. She then writes off the talk as common, before giving a sly endorsement for Trump’s opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “[All men are] animals,” Benanti says. “If only a woman could be president.”

During her real interviews, Melania Trump said she accepted Donald Trump’s apology about his graphic Access Hollywood comments and believed in his innocence in the face of the myriad accusers of sexual assault; Trump has steadfastly denied all accusations.

See the clip below.

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