Credit: Sipa via AP Images

Donald Trump might be used to firing people in the boardroom on The Apprentice, but he still has one “Boss” to answer to: Bruce Springsteen.

The legendary rocker isn’t backing down on his opinions about the Republican presidential nominee. After speaking out against the reality show star at New Yorker Fest in early October, Springsteen further slammed the 70-year-old during an interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 News, which premiered Tuesday afternoon online.

“The trouble at the moment is you have Donald Trump, who is talking about rigged elections,” Springsteen said. “He has a feeling he’s going to lose now, which, of course, he’s going to lose… and he knows that… and he’s such a flagrant, toxic narcissist that he wants to take down the entire democratic system with him if he goes.”

He continued: “He’s such an unreflective person. He simply has no sense of decency, no sense of responsibility about him. The words that he’s been using over the past several weeks really are an attack on the entire democratic process… I think it’s very dangerous. He does have a lot of people’s ears, and I don’t think he’s going to go quietly, gently into the good night, I think he’s going to make a big as mess as he can, and I don’t know what that’s going to mean, but we’ll find out shortly.”

At the New Yorker Fest, Springsteen labeled Trump a “big, sort of bloviating New York billionaire” who “could be highly entertaining, and funny,” though he later admitted Trump is “not funny as a presidential candidate.”

Watch Springsteen talk about Trump in the video above.