The 'Master of None' star gets serious for the #WHYWEVOTE campain

Aziz Ansari has joined the growing list of celebrities imploring young people to vote via viral video — and he’s none too thrilled about it.

“How many celebrities have made these stupid f—ing videos? Robert Downey Jr. made one, DiCaprio made one, Jennifer Lawrence made one,” an increasingly exasperated Ansari explains. “These people are way more famous than me! Why do you need me?”

The funny ad comes from NextGen Climate‘s #WHYWEVOTE campaign, which is set on using the internet to encourage and energize young people to vote in the election. The ad is set to run in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Nevada on digital platforms ahead of the historic Nov. 8 election, the campaign said.

The video finds the Parks and Recreation and Master of None actor ditching his signature comedy routine for a serious message to young people. “There’s a f—ing guy running that says he hates brown people. That’s not enough?!” the comedian says in disbelief. “He doesn’t believe in climate change! Do you realize how dumb you have to be to not believe in climate change at this point? Go vote! Please!”

Watch the full video above.