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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of Supergirl. Read at your own risk!

Cat Grant has left the building.

During Monday’s episode of Supergirl, Cat Grant declared it was time for her to move on. She had dominated the media world, but felt stagnant. Hence, Cat is taking a leave of absence to conquer new seas. Cat’s move is all part of Calista Flockhart taking on a lesser role in the wake of the show moving production from Los Angeles to Vancouver. In her stead, James (Mehcad Brooks) will be taking over Cat’s desk (while also suiting up as vigilante Guardian).

While Flockhart is now a recurring guest-star, Supergirl has not yet booked her return. “We’re still trying to work out her schedule, because she’s got stuff going on with her family, and her husband is shooting a pretty big movie right now,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says, referring to Harrison Ford currently filming Blade Runner 2049. It’s also unclear how many episodes she’ll appear in during season 2. “I don’t know yet,” Kreisberg says. “Hopefully as many as we can get. We love working with Calista and Calista loves the show, which is why she came back to do this.”

In Cat Grant’s swan song — for the time being, anyway — she once again took a stab at trying to uncover Supergirl’s identity. “I’m always tempted to have that,” Kreisberg says of Cat recognizing Supergirl as Kara. “Calista and I have discussed it. There’s a moment when she says, ‘I see the hero in you,’ and she looks to the sky. It’s like, ‘Does she know?’ I like that there’s this feeling out there that maybe she does know and maybe she’s just going along with it, because that’s part of the ruse that she understands that.”

Though, when EW hit the set for the Supergirl-Flash crossover last season, Flockhart insisted that Cat doesn’t suspect that Kara is Supergirl. “I don’t,” she said. “The conceit, anyway, is that I don’t, so I don’t.”

Even the producers have toyed with making that more clear at the top of season 2, despite Cat all but learning the truth last year. “We actually had an early joke in these scripts were she goes, ‘You know I know Clark Kent is Superman, like I would ever be able to not tell if somebody was a superhero right in front of me,’ and not realizing about Kara,” Kreisberg says. “But we thought it was a little too crazy meta. We like that she just loves Clark Kent more than anything.”

For his part, Kreisberg is unsure whether they’ll ever definitively say if Cat knows the truth. “I love how Calista plays it where you’re never quite sure,” he says. “She plays it so that if you decided to have her at the end of any episode go, ‘I’ve known you were Supergirl the whole time,’ you could look back at those little moments and go, ‘You know what? The way she looked at her there, I bet she did know all the time,’ because that would be very Cat.”

“I think Cat really does believe in heroes,” Kreisberg continues. “I can see a version of it where she really does believe that it’s important for Kara to have the relationship that she has with Cat without Cat knowing that she’s Supergirl, that that’s part of her hero’s journey and that Cat would respect that. Then, you could also look at it that Cat is moving at a million miles an hour and she doesn’t see people and she really is completely oblivious to it.”

With Cat gone, Kara will have new challenges ahead when it comes to CatCo Magazine‘s Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), who doesn’t believe that Kara has earned her place in the newsroom yet (more on that here). “The next episode, she writes this piece that she thinks is so great, and he just rips it to shreds, and he’s right too,” Kreisbreg says. “She’s picked a profession that she, by some rights, shouldn’t even be in. She really has to prove herself. That’s interesting because last year, even though she had to deal with Cat, Kara had it all going on at CatCo. Supergirl was where she was flummoxed sometimes and earning her wings. Now she’s fully Supergirl, she saved the world a couple of times, she knows what she’s doing there, and now she’s stepped into a job that she isn’t great at.”

“Watching her slowly win Snapper over is that much more satisfying,” Kreisberg adds. “They’ve got this very Lou Grant-Mary Tyler Moore relationship. It’s certainly not a relationship that’s going to have any hugs anytime soon, but it’s something new for her.”


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