By Joey Nolfi
October 17, 2016 at 04:23 PM EDT
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It’s time to pregame for Office Christmas Party with the star-studded cast of the upcoming Paramount film, as four new clips from the ensemble comedy premiered Monday.

In the first teaser, The Mindy Project‘s Fortune Feimster tries to court Jennifer Aniston into the world of Uber driving. “I could hook you up if you want to be a driver,” she says to her disgruntled passenger. “You could be CEO of your own car!” 

“I am a CEO,” Aniston responds, to which Feimster asks: “Is this Undercover Boss? Is that a camera? Are you wearing a disguise!?” 

Vanessa Bayer is an administrative assistant with an attitude problem in the second, slightly NSFW clip, which sees her making Jason Bateman patiently wait to see her superior while she berates her ex over the phone. 

“Hey, could you put your daddy back on the phone for a second?” she says as Bateman waits to enter her boss’ office. “You f—–g motherf—-r! If I hear you let your stripper girlfriend put my children on her motorcycle one more time, I will Gone Girl you so hard.” 

During an office meeting, Kate McKinnon, clad in an ugly Christmas sweater, tempts her coworkers with a cheese board as an appetizer for a planned holiday mixer. Aniston, however, is not amused. 

“You’re having a Christmas party? It’s not happening,” she says. Seated at the head of the table, T.J. Miller responds: “All right, it’s canceled,” before mouthing, “It’s not” to McKinnon, who gives him a playful wink. 

Finally, McKinnon urges Jamie Chung to button up her revealing blouse in front of two other employees. 

“Hey Megan. It’s winter. Can we put Dancer and Prancer back in their stable? Some people in here might find your outfit offensive,” she says. 

Office Christmas Party opens nationwide on Dec. 9. Watch the film’s new teasers above, and check out its first trailer and poster below.

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