She tells Anderson Cooper she 'will fight until the end' to protect her reputation

By Will Robinson
Updated October 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: CNN

Melania Trump backed her husband Donald Trump and dismissed women who recently claimed to be past victims of sexual assault by the businessman and politician.

The wife of the Republican presidential nominee sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for an interview that aired Monday night discussing the fallout from the Access Hollywood tape, the fact she believes Donald Trump was “egged on” by the show’s then-host Billy Bush, First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments about the tape, media coverage of the Trump family and campaign, and what she hopes to do if she becomes First Lady.

In regards to the allegations stemming from the Access Hollywood tape — all of which Donald Trump has unequivocally denied — Melania Trump dismisses them. “I believe my husband. This was all organized from the opposition,” she claims. “The details that they got — did they ever check the background of these women? They don’t have any facts. … People come out saying lies and not true stuff.”

Melania Trump also addressed an account from PEOPLE’s Natasha Stoynoff, who detailed an alleged incident at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2005. Stoynoff says she ran into Melania Trump after the incident in New York City, which she denies. “I was never friends with her. I would not recognize her. Never happened,” she says. “That’s why I sent them the letter, because it discredited the story.”

Of the many topics Melania Trump and Cooper discussed, the prospective First Lady spoke about the media stories targeting her and why she vigilantly fights back at some of them.

“In one way, [the campaign is] hard because the press is very dishonest, and it’s a lot of lies that they’ve written about me as well as my husband, and you need to defend yourself all the time,” she says. “As you may have heard, I filed a few lawsuits, and I’m in the court now, because they accused me of doing stuff that I never did in my life, and they wrote lies. I will not allow that. I will fight until the end, because I don’t want them to damage my reputation and my name.”

See more from Melania Trump’s interview on CNN. She will appear in a Fox & Friends interview on Tuesday morning on Fox News.