Plus: Scoop on Earth-2's Flashpoint twist!
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How did Flashpoint affect Earth-2 on The Flash? Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

When Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) return to Earth-1 during Tuesday’s episode, they’re in for quite the shock — that’s because Flashpoint had no affect on Earth-2, which means that while everything else in this timeline seems to have changed, they haven’t. Well, that’s only partially true.

As a result of Team Flash recreating the particle accelerator explosion to give Barry (Grant Gustin) his powers back last season, Jesse now has powers of her own, which is why the Wells family has returned, so Barry can help train her. EW turned to Beane to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you know from the beginning that Jesse would be suiting up?

VIOLETT BEANE: Honestly, I did not know too much from the beginning. When I auditioned, I didn’t know it was for Jesse Quick at all. But when they were like, “You booked it, this is your character name,” I finally found out who she was. I definitely anticipated a suit-up last season. I was like, “Oh, it’s going to happen!” They really built that element of suspense. I get tweets all the time being like, “When is it going to happen?” Now, finally! Everyone is so excited.

Jesse has her powers now. Is this a result of Flashpoint?

As far as Flashpoint goes, I’m pretty sure it only affects one world, the world that Barry changed the timeline for. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t carry over to other worlds. The Jesse and Wells you’re seeing are the Jesse and Wells of last season. The particle accelerator, the dark matter, is definitely a part of what happened to Jesse. You’ll see in a scene in the episode about how specifically she started her powers. Yeah, the dark matter definitely had something to do with it.

How does she handle having powers?

She’s pretty excited about it. Even in the promo that just came out, you can see, “How cool is that?” For her, she’s younger, so she has a more positive feeling toward the speed. Also, as a teenager, if you don’t get something right right away, you tend to get annoyed or down on yourself about it, so you’ll see a little bit of that, too. It’s a power and it manifests itself, so there’s a lot of learning that comes into it and it’s a process, so you might see a little bit of that being difficult for Jesse. Also, she’s really happy about it for sure.

How does Harry feel about Jesse using her powers on Earth-2 as a vigilante?

You know Harry, he’s very protective. Ultimately the reason we come back is to train, to hone in on these powers, and to make sure Jesse isn’t being crazy with them. He’s the protective father always, that comes first, but at the same time, he does love that she has this ability, and feels good about it.

How will Barry and Jesse work together?

He’s a great trainer. She does respect him and knows that he knows a lot about it, so she definitely listens to what he has to say and is taking his advice. But she’s also a teenager, so sometimes she’s like, “OK, I got this. I don’t need you, I don’t need a trainer.” But it is a good relationship between the two of them.

How is she a different hero than Barry?

As far as handling major situations, she hasn’t done too much of the crazy things that Barry has done so far. But as far as helping out the team, I definitely think she runs into things without thinking a little bit more than Barry does, like when Barry first got his powers. You don’t really know the capabilities of yourself and what you can and can’t do. At the very beginning, at least, she definitely is not really thinking before she runs into situations.

There was some flirtation between between Jesse and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) before. Will that continue?

I definitely think you’ll see some hints of that for sure. The two of them are super cute together. It makes so much sense. I loved working with Keiynan last season. You’ll see a little bit of that carry over. They haven’t seen each other in forever, so it’s going to be really interesting to see the two of them come back. They were both hit by dark matter, so it’ll be interesting talking about that and seeing everything that has to do with that.

How long are they sticking around on Earth-1?

For Jesse, it’s a few episodes. Jesse and Harry will maybe go back to Earth-2 to deal with the situations that are back home. They lost a hero, so we have to go back and help our Earth again. But Tom Cavanagh is a series regular, so they’ll work their way around keeping him on the show somehow. That’s going to be really interesting to see Harrison in all his different forms.

Flashpoint may not have affected Earth-2, but how might Jesse and Harry react to seeing all these changes on Earth-1?

In the beginning of episode 3, you’ll see we have some new rooms in S.T.A.R. Labs and some new situations that don’t look quite right, because it’s a different timeline. Harry just knows right away. He’s like, “What did I tell you, Barry?” It’s funny. Everyone knows you can’t mess with time, but he went back and did it. There’s a little bit of a play on that and us just being like, “Oh, this is new stuff.”

Is it a bit of a cautionary tale for Jesse?

Yeah, definitely. She learns a lot while being back on this Earth, ultimately for the better. You will see a little bit of that struggle in her.


Do you hope to eventually see a big speedster team-up, including Wally and Jay (John Wesley Shipp)?

Oh, absolutely. There’s so many spreads and covers of comics that have all of them running together, and that would just be a really amazing shot for one of the episodes. I think it would be so, so cool. Also, as far as crossovers go, I haven’t done one yet, but I think that would be so amazing now that Supergirl is up there to do something with Melissa [Benoist], or just see the team. I’m really good friends with Echo [Kellum] over on Arrow, so working with him would be really funny. As far as all of that, the more the merrier for me.

Is Jesse going to play a role in the upcoming four-way crossover?

As far as I know, we don’t know too much about it, so right now no, but there’s always a possibility. And with time changing all the time, pretty much anything is possible. But I would love to, absolutely.

Will Jesse get her own super suit?

Yeah, I think that’s going to happen. One of the promo shots is Harry and Jesse sitting there and there’s a box. Everyone’s like, “What’s in the box?!” You can kind of see a little bit of something, so I definitely think it’s going to happen in episode 4. It’s going to be really cool to see what it will be like.

Doctor Alchemy has made his presence known, and we know there’s another speedster coming in Savitar. How will Jesse cross paths with the villains this season?

You’re definitely going to see her stepping up a little bit, because she does have these powers, she’s wants to use them, she wants to save people, so you are going to see her battling a few of these villains in the episode that she’s in, which is really, really fun, and just really cool to see how she’s able to use her powers, and how her and Barry can team up to handle these situations.

What is the best part about getting to play a speedster and what’s the toughest part?

The best part is that it’s so exhilarating, especially when you see the final cut with all the special effects. It’s unlike anything else. If you’re just doing a dramatic scene, which is amazing to do as well, you know how it’s going to look when you’re shooting it. But when the special effects are added, it takes it to a whole other level, especially because ours are really good. The hardest part is definitely the running. I realized very quickly that I was not so in shape and it’s pretty exhausting. All you do is run in place, so that tells you even more. Honestly, Grant’s pretty in shape, and I’ve seen him run for not too long and he’s sweaty and tired, so that made me feel a little bit better.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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