Gill! Bloat! Peach! Bubbles! The last time we saw Finding Nemo’s tank gang — that beloved ensemble of fish who help Nemo (and themselves) escape from the dentist’s office aquarium — things looked bleak, as the crew were out in the open ocean but stuck in a series of plastic baggies.

As it turns out, the gang did in fact make it out of their encasements and were due to get their own subplot in Pixar’s summer sequel Finding Dory, which broke box office records earlier this year. It’s not a complete surprise: Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the conspicuous presence of the fan-favorite characters (voiced by Willem Dafoe, Allison Janney, Brad Garrett, and others) in the film’s credits, despite their absence in the movie, save for a quick post-credits sequence many missed.

Now, with Dory’s home entertainment release on the horizon — out digitally on Oct. 25 and on Blu-Ray/DVD on Nov. 15 — you can get a peek at what the gang was supposed to be getting up to in Finding Dory.

EW got our fins on an exclusive deleted scene in which director Andrew Stanton reveals his original plans for the tank gang, who have re-branded themselves as a sort of Mission: Impossible-esque super-spy team. As Stanton tells it, when Marlin and Nemo hook up with the gang after they get separated from Dory, the ensemble helps the father-son duo get back to the Marine Life Institute in California.


Watch it above, and let us know: Would you have liked to see the tank gang back in action in Finding Dory?

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