By Clark Collis
October 17, 2016 at 08:42 PM EDT
Canal+ España

Very few, if any, directors have traumatized as many cinemagoers over the past few years as Fede Alvarez, the man responsible for both 2013’s gore-drenched Evil Dead remake and this summer’s equally-deranged-in-its-own-way box office hit, Don’t Breathe. So, what horror movie does Alvarez recommend EW readers check out over Halloween? The answer is Spanish filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia’s religious-themed, and utterly nuts, 1995 film, The Day of the Beast.

“It’s really an inspiration,” says Alvarez of the film. “That’s a seminal horror movie. It’s about this priest in Madrid, who finds out that the Devil is going to be born somewhere in the city, and he’s going to bring the end of the world. So, he comes out to the streets, and in one night he tries to find out where exactly he’s going to be born, to be able to kill it before he turns into the Devil. He finds this heavy metal dude who loves Satan and might help to point him in the right direction. Together they wander the streets of Madrid doing evil in order to connect with Satan. It’s pretty bananas — but it’s amazing.”

You can see the (at times rather brutal) trailer for The Day of the Beast, below.