Ring in season 2 of The CW comedy with an avant-Gaga song from Rachel Bloom
Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

There’s a new condition that characterizes the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: confidence. And who better to sing about brazen self-assurance than Beyoncé?

EW has an exclusive premiere of the first music video of the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW’s hit comedy about a Manhattan lawyer (Rachel Bloom) who uproots her life to follow her childhood crush (Vincent Rodriguez III) to a sleepy California town.

At least, that was what it was about last year. In season 2, premiering Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. ET, audiences will meet a newly assertive Rebecca, who’s now thoroughly convinced that she and Josh are destined to be together, casting an arc of conviction over the entire season.

“The idea of the show is tracking the stages of love and obsession and rejection,” explains Bloom, who developed the series with Aline Brosh McKenna and scooped up a Golden Globe earlier this year for her role as subversive heroine Rebecca Bunch. “We always imagined the show in four sections: the first one was denial, the second one is certainty.”


Season 2, complete with a new theme song and credits sequence, explores the next phase of Rebecca’s fixation on her one-time summer-camp paramour. She’s officially in love, and she’s sure he loves her back — even if he doesn’t yet know it.

Enter the new song “Love Kernels,” a slow-jam send-up of Beyonce’s avant-garde musical film Lemonade. The tune is inspired by the intense filmic symbolism of artists like Bey and Lady Gaga. The Crazy spin, of course, applies those women’s extraordinary airs of empowerment to the banal morsels of attention that Josh sends Rebecca’s way, which she hilariously misinterprets as declarations of devotion.

“The underlying emotion of the song is desperation,” Bloom tells EW. “We loved the idea of playing with abstract imagery with a very human emotion — which is, desperation over someone texting you at 3 a.m.. The high-art and low-brow meaning of that was interesting and something we hadn’t done that before.”

Watch “Love Kernels” — the first of dozens of new songs from the downright Crazy genius songwriting team of Adam Schlesinger, Jack Dolgen, and Bloom — in its full, avant-garde, Shaquille O’Neal-referencing entirety above.

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