By Nick Romano
Updated August 01, 2017 at 02:07 PM EDT

Saturday Night Live took a page from Beyoncé‘s book by channeling Lemonade for a Melania Trump-centric spoof called “Melanianade” — complete with an appearance by the Republican nominee (or, rather, Alec Baldwin playing the Republican nominee) himself.

In the parody, Cecily Strong reprises her impersonation of Melania while surrounded by some other ladies from the Trump entourage: Ivanka Trump (host Emily Blunt), campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon), Trump’s “one black friend” Omarosa (Sasheer Zamata), and Tiffany Trump (Vanessa Bayer). And they’ve had enough.

“You’re breaking us,” they say in the sketch, “taking it for granted that we’ll always be there. But one day soon, Donald, you may wake up and this bomb P–y Bow blouse will be gone.”

The group then reenacted Beyoncé’s music video for “Sorry” off of Lemonade. Instead of “Sorry,” though, it became “I’m not sorry.” Instead of the lyric “middle fingers up,” it became “four fingers up, make ’em bend right. Poke ’em in the face. Tell ’em, ‘Boy, bye’… Ya fired.”

Watch the sketch below.


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