Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images; Inset: FOX

Family Guy just got on the Trump bus — the bus being the mocking of Donald Trump for his predatory and offensive comments about women (which Trump chalked up as “locker room talk” in his apology) during that hot-mic conversation he had with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush back in 2005.

Sunday night’s episode of the animated Fox comedy included a live-action journey into that real-life scandal involving an Access Hollywood bus, Trump, and Bush (who is currently suspended from his Today show hosting duties): The show replayed the actual audio of the incident, but with one small (or rather, large) addition: Peter Griffin.

Click on the video above to hear Peter (voiced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane) bristle at the Republican presidential nominee’s notion of “locker room talk,” give him props for his (failed) attempt to sleep with a married woman, pitch an idea for something called Twitter (where “crazy people can bash ladies and minorities at 3 a.m.”), and criticize Trump for being a billionaire who uses Tic Tacs as his breath mint of choice. That’s not all: You just might hear a small hands punchline, as well as the best (and probably only) Levitz furniture joke of the year.

MacFarlane also tweeted out the unbleeped version of the gag, which you can see below.

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