Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Colleen Ballinger got her turn talking with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s The Tonight Show, but then it became Miranda’s turn. While Fallon danced a little jig to distract the audience, Ballinger transformed into her YouTube-famous persona from Miranda Sings.

If Miranda is being perfectly honest, Fallon’s not a very good late-show host. So, the lipstick-smeared viral sensation and self-proclaimed star offered up some tips. “I’m the best at everything, so I can teach you,” she said.

First, book bigger celebrity guests. “Jon Hamm, I’d never heard of him before. Who is he?” Miranda said of her fellow guest on Friday. “What is he famous for, making bologna?” And second, stop asking guests about themselves. “If I were a host,” she advised, “I’d make people tell me things about me.”

Watch the transformation below, including a clip from Ballinger’s Netflix original series, Haters Back Off.

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