By Nick Romano
October 15, 2016 at 08:57 PM EDT

Whether you asked for it or not (you probably didn’t), here’s a supercut of Tom Cruise running — not walking, not jogging — in movies. 

Burger Fiction, the same YouTube channel behind this supercut of jump scares, compiled various scenes of Cruise in Risky Business, Mission: Impossible 4, All the Right Moves, Legend, Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow, and more films throughout his immense body of work. 

Who would’ve thought there’d be enough instances to fill out a nearly 19-minute-long video? But there are. Cruise will next be seen in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Oct. 21), so there will likely be more running footage to add in very soon. 

All that’s left to be said seems to be: Run, Tom! Run!