One Direction’s Niall Horan is a big deal in his hometown of Mullingar, Ireland. As he recalled on The Graham Norton Show this week, the singer still gets a police escort when visiting — although, it’s not the ones he used to get.

“Sometimes if I’m walking home, right? I’ll walk home if I go home around Christmas and there’s no taxis and I’ll just start walking home,” Horan explained, “and then the police will drive past me and pick me up and bring me home. I remember when they used to do that for a different reason.”

Even though One Direction is on hiatus, Horan still has his army of fans. The singer recently released the single “This Town,” following in the footsteps of Zayn Malik, who broke off from the group in March 2015 and launched his solo career earlier this year with “Pillowtalk.”

“It’s good,” Horan said. “I get to go home and go out and see the lads and stuff like that, and see the family. Yeah, I like that side of it, but, yeah, I miss Ireland and, obviously, would like to go there a lot more.

Watch a clip from Horan’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show above.

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