Jail! New love interests! And still super hot Cole

By Sara Vilkomerson
Updated October 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

The season 3 premiere of The Affair isn’t happening till Nov. 20, but with this new extended preview, we’re getting a little bit of a clearer picture of what to expect. Just kidding — the twists and turns on this show make it an incredibly hard one to predict.

But here’s what we can glean: Jail might not have agreed so much with Noah (Dominic West), who appears a different man after serving time for Scotty Lockhart’s murder. He’s a professor and appears to even get a new love interest, played by French actress Irène Jacob. Alison (Ruth Wilson) apparently left little Joanie with Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Luisa? (Wait, that’s a great idea.) But she wants her daughter back… does she also want Cole? Helen (Maura Tierney) is still with that doctor and no longer has bangs!

Watch the preview above and begin your theorizing — The Affair returns to Showtime on Nov. 20.