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When is Spoiler Room with Once Upon a Time‘s Robin Hood? — Lelinor

Now! The OUAT producers are keeping very mum on exactly how Robin Hood is returning to the show. “It’s definitely not just him in flashbacks, we can guarantee that,” EP Edward Kitsis says. EP Adam Horowitz concurs: “It’s multiple episodes, it’s not just in flashback, but it’s not necessarily what you’d expect,” he says. “How he integrates into the story, we want to keep a surprise and unexpected. It’s an important part of the main story once it happens.”

What’s the deal with Felicity’s new boyfriend on Arrow? — Raina

We will soon find out how Oliver feels about Felicity’s new boyfriend, especially as he’s unwittingly working with him at the moment. “Eventually, yes,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that pretty much every secret on this show eventually [comes out]. Felicity’s boyfriend is certainly no exception — not that she’s keeping it a secret from Oliver, but at the start of season 5, Oliver doesn’t know.”

Anything you can share about Chicago Fire? — Carlson

The boys of Chicago Fire are heading to NYC — but not for a crossover. Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, and Eamonn Walker were filming at the 9/11 Memorial earlier this week for an episode titled “That Day,” which is slated to air Nov. 22. It’s inspired by the true story of Chicago firefighters who traveled to New York instantly after the towers fell to assist in search and rescue. Boden heads to New York because one of his firefighting brothers in the wake of 9/11 is now retiring from the NYFD. Severide and Casey join him at the memorial to honor those first responders who died on that terrible morning.

Where is Alaric living when Vampire Diaries returns? — Jana

Well, he’s definitely not in Texas anymore. “Alaric is living in a small bachelor apartment with a guest room for his girls close to the armory,” showrunner Julie Plec says, adding that Caroline “has moved back into her childhood home in Mystic Falls.” The two of them will be sharing custody of the girls and raising their daughters together, which will quickly bring Ric even closer to home. As Plec puts it, “Alaric is feeling a little bit detached from everyone back in Mystic Falls, and so he may find his way there sooner than later.”

How will dying change Agent May on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Teresa

Pretty much how you’d expect. “Well, she’s May, so she’s kind of like, ‘Oh, that happened,'” EP Jed Whedon says with a laugh. “But she now has common ground with Coulson, as if they didn’t have enough common ground as it is.” However, EP Maurissa Tancharoen is quick to add that dying “will impact her life in ways that you may not expect at this point in time.”

I need scoop on Caitlin Snow from The Flash! — Jessica

I know you want Killer Frost scoop, but will you take scoop on her icy relationship with her mom, who we’ll soon meet? “You’ve heard snippets throughout the show so far of how her mom is pretty cold,” EP Todd Helbing says. “When you meet her, you’ll understand exactly what Caitlin has been talking about and exactly how their dynamic works. You can see how that’s had a long-term effect on Caitlin.”

Will we actually get to meet Douglas Winter on Blindspot this season? — Gelina

You mean the mystery man connected to Mayfair and that blackhole file? Yes — and sooner than you think! “We actually get to meet Douglas Winter next week,” EP Martin Gero reveals. “He’s played by PJ Byrne, who delivers our funniest guest star performance since Rich DotCom — who will return the week after!” And look what I found: A picture of Douglas Winter! Here you go:

Credit: Giovanni Ruffino/NBC

Anything you can tease about Kara’s new job on Supergirl? — Alana

Kara’s working relationship with her new boss, Snapper Carr, is very different from the one she had with Cat Grant. “Cat — both with Kara and I think with others — is actually devoted to mentoring people,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “She challenges them hard, but she does that with the idea that she’s forging them and they’re going to come out the other side as stronger, better people. Snapper Carr doesn’t give a crap. He believes in the written word, in facts and ‘Are you good at your job or are you not? If you’re not good at your job, I don’t have time for you.'”

With Michael taking the fall, it looks like Eleanor’s about to get off scot-free. What do you know about how The Good Place will continue without Eleanor being in the crosshairs? — Kendal

Just because Michael thinks he’s the one causing problems doesn’t mean Eleanor’s woes are over. Here’s a clue for what might loop Eleanor back in: Janet, the Siri-like figure played by D’Arcy Carden, is about to play a key role. “Episode 7 is sort of a Janet-centric episode,” EP Mike Schur says. “Really, the whole thing is about Janet, and I think it might be my favorite episode, if not of the season, at least up to this point.”

What can you tease about the terrorist plot on Quantico? — Wade

You’ve probably guessed this already, but not everyone’s going to survive what’s coming. “Grievous bodily harm comes to one of our major characters in the first third of the season,” EP Josh Safran hints. “I’m shocked at what we’ve pulled off. I mean, I really thought for sure we had gone too far, but I guess we didn’t.” Even farther than the gutsy beheading in the premiere? Brace yourselves, Quantico fans. (And leave your guesses about the victim’s identity in the comments!)

This week in TV: Killer Frost. Enough. Said.

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