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As played by Nick Offerman with deadpan panache, Ron Swanson was one of the most memorable characters on Parks and Recreation: a red-blooded, wood-carving, Scotch-swilling macho man with a heart of gold.

Now amid a contentious presidential election, Offerman has revealed who his on-screen counterpart — a diehard libertarian — would vote for between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“I am frequently asked how Ron Swanson would weigh in on this election,” Offerman tweeted Friday. “I was able to contact a source close to Ron and here is the result.”

According to Offerman (and his “source”), Swanson “wouldn’t think much of Trump” because the Republican nominee went from business to politics — a “huge step backwards” — and “went bankrupt 4-6 times, depending on who you believe.”

Offerman also said Trump disrespects women (“Ron Likes women”) and has sons who are “fatuous suck-ups with slick hair.”

That’s not to say Swanson would be enamored with Clinton: “Ron has no love of career politicians,” Offerman said. “But he would certainly vote Hillary over Trump, if he had to choose between the two. Or he would write in Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson.”

Check out the full Swanson report below.

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