By Allison Sadlier
October 14, 2016 at 06:31 PM EDT
Simone Joyner/Redferns via Getty Images

Leonard Cohen worried fans earlier this week when he told the New Yorker, “I am ready to die.” The music legend, 82, spoke at the Canadian consulate in Los Angeles Thursday night to promote his new album, You Want It Darker, out Oct. 20, and placated the audience with a response to the concerns surrounding his comment. 

“I said recently I was ready to die and I think I was exaggerating,” he said, according to Billboard. “I’ve always been into self-dramatization. I intend to live forever.”

Cohen said his children have been helpful when his health hasn’t been the best and he is already at work on two additional album projects.

At the end of the q&a session Cohen said, “Thanks for coming, friends. I really appreciate your standing up when I came into the room. I hope we can do this again. I intend to stick around until 120.”