Credit: Van Redin

Don’t think Mike Judge’s 2006 movie Idiocracy is terrifying? Then we would refer you to director Karyn Kusama, who has made it her choice as the best film to watch over Halloween. But, be warned, Kusama knows a thing or three about horror, having overseen both 2009’s high school-set monster movie Jennifer’s Body and this year’s fabulously unnerving slow-burn terror tale, The Invitation.

“While my initial instinct was to recommend a classic like Se7en or the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this Halloween calls for something different,” Kusama explained, via email. “I plan to re-visit a film that started in the theaters as a comedy, but has since evolved into a terrifying reflection of the actual world we live in: Idiocracy. The call is coming from inside the house.”

‘Nuff said.


You can see the trailers for both Idiocracy and The Invitation below.