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She went from invisible to overbearing. Perhaps making up for lost time, Lucy Huang came on strong in this week’s episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Too strong, it seems. Lucy’s attempt to take control of her tribe blew up in her face when her power move to get rid of Jessica was blocked by David’s hidden immunity idol. When he played the idol for Jessica, it spelled the end for Lucy.

Does she regret her ultimatums to Ken and David? Does she wish we’d seen more of her in the weeks leading up to her ouster? Was there a personal beef between her and Jessica that we did not see on the show? And do her husband and children not like her as much as she says they do? We asked the 42-year-old dietician that and more when she called into EW Morning Live on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). And she also told us all about her harrowing reward challenge experience. Here are a few highlights from our chat:

On barely being shown in the first three episodes:

“Obviously I did talk and I did do my moves, but I think that that probably painted a pretty good picture of how I truly am in real life, where I am more of an introvert and I need to really observe my surroundings first and see what’s happening… and then seeing, where do I actually stand and what can I do? Maybe it took a little bit to get there. It was a strategy, basically. Going back to yesterday, they showed so much of me it made up for all three weeks for not being on TV. I felt like that was the Lucy show yesterday.”

On trying to keep her bluntness under wraps:

“I was trying to tame myself, but when people look at it from the outside and not on the island and the things you go through as far as paranoia and being starving and missing our family, it kind of gets to you. And you never get a break. There’s no relief. So at some point or another it just comes out. You can’t help it. Your true personality will come out no matter what.”

On why she targeted Jessica:

“Jessica said she was a housewife/photographer. She takes care of her kids. And for some reason with my instincts, I just wasn’t buying that. She was just too nice, and a lot of it was that I felt she was trying to be the leader of the females. I knew that Sunday was listening to her a lot as well. So I wasn’t going to have that. You’re not going to be the leader of the females at that point for me. I knew that with Paul leaving that she was probably going to try to take over at that point.”

On why she did not want an all-female alliance:

“I tend to hang out with the guys, because of my bluntness and because of my personality. I’m just very direct. I don’t like the cattiness. I’m one of those people who always had male friends. So, basically, if you have an issue with me or I have an issue with you, I can just tell you, ‘Hey, you suck today.’ And they can get over it and don’t have to go talk about it and have all these emotions. I don’t like my emotions to come out. It’s something growing up in an Asian household where I’m able to just keep it in. I don’t like for people to see that or even feel emotions, basically. I just want to do the task and move forward.”

On how her family felt about her saying that they did not like her a lot of the time:

“I am the dictator controlling person at home. I have to be, I have four children and a husband and a business. I’m task oriented. ‘This is what you have to do, do this way.’ And I like to do things efficiently too — don’t waste time. ‘If there is time, go to something else.’ So it’s constantly doing things. That’s why they probably want to kill me.”

On how she thinks she would have done with the Millennials:

“I think we could have gotten along very well because they’re used to having parents like me around, so it might have just been a relief where they have someone there to take care of them. I wanted to play with Figgy, and Michelle, and Michaela. The younger girls seemed pretty smart and intelligent. And very athletic as well. I would have liked to have seen how we would have done together and I didn’t get to and that’s where I feel cheated. I feel like the individual challenges I would have been able to kick butt in, and I didn’t get to it, and that’s the most disappointing part as well.”

On that reward challenge scrum in the water with Michaela and Hannah:

“Oh my gosh, I truly thought I was going to die at that point. That was probably the hardest thing I had to go through. Hannah and Michaela were holding me down and I thought I was going to drown and the water level was higher than where I can stand. Michaela was taller so she had a good grip and I just felt that that was so crazy. Literally I felt like I was going to die. Nothing was going for me that day, but I was pretty proud that I was able to get through that.”

You can hear the entire interview on SiriusXM On Demand. Also, check out an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s Survivor below, and make sure to read my full episode recap as well as our weekly Q&A with Jeff Probst. Plus, If you’ve ever wanted to compete in an actual Survivor challenge against former players, head here for more info.

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