By Christian Holub
Updated October 13, 2016 at 01:57 PM EDT
Credit: ABC

It’s been four whole years since Nas’ last album, Life Is Good. Earlier this year, the legendary Queens rapper (real name Nasir Jones) declared on a DJ Khaled track that “my album done … wait and see.” (Said track was even literally named “Nas Album Done”). However, there’s still no sign of this new project. On Wednesday night, Nas explained the delay to Jimmy Kimmel.

“I gotta live life, I gotta experiene things. Sometimes music can shift society, man,” Jones said. “When I started out, I didn’t know this thing would be so global. Things are changing, music is changing, so I just want to make sure … I gotta feel it. It’s all about the feeling.”

With this line, Nas actually sounds a bit like newly-minted Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, who used to say that his song “Tangled Up in Blue” took him “10 years to live and two years to write.”

Watch the clip below.

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