By Derek Lawrence
Updated October 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
AP Photo/Jim Cole

On Thursday, Michelle Obama made a passionate and rousing speech in New Hampshire, where she spoke out against Donald Trump’s demeaning comments about women — all without mentioning the Republican presidential candidate by name.

The first lady’s speech was met with critical acclaim online, especially from a few powerful women themselves, including Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga.

“@FLOTUS watching you speak on @CNN in New Hampshire in tears. You are a true role model and leader,” Gaga wrote.

Meanwhile, Shameless star Emmy Rossum shared a string of tweets on Thursday, both praising Obama during her speech and then writing in disgust of Trump’s speech, which took place shortly afterwards. She tweeted, “I am with her. I am with Michelle Obama’s word right now.” A little later, Rossum added, “Michelle Obama 2024.”

Below read tweets from Clinton, Elizabeth Banks, and more.