By Rachel DeSantis
October 13, 2016 at 03:44 PM EDT

Breaking Bad fans still looking for one last glimpse into the life of Walter White, you’re in luck. Bryan Cranston recently released his memoir, A Life in Parts, and EW is excited to share an exclusive excerpt from the audiobook, read by Cranston himself, and an exclusive interview clip of the actor discussing the inspiration behind the book.

In the excerpt, Cranston reflects on “the most harrowing scene I did on Breaking Bad,” the season two death of Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend Jane. Cranston takes listeners into the mind of his infamous teacher-turned-kingpin, and breaks down how he becomes his characters and the emotional toll it takes on him.

Cranston also explains how the book is a culmination of the many stories he’s lived — and even teases his second-choice pick for audiobook reader (after himself, of course).

“I would like Aaron Paul to read it because I know throughout, he would put an impromptu, impulsive, ‘Yo, bitch!’ somewhere,” he explains, referring to the multiple times Paul’s Breaking Bad character uttered “bitch” on the show. “I think that might be fun.”

Check out the audiobook excerpt and interview below.